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MTV Debuts Trailer for The Challenge: Rivals 2

Holy. Crap!

When the cast was revealed for the latest edition of The Challenge, I knew that it was going to be filled with drama, but not that explosive.

Premiering on July 10, Rivals 2 not only touts one of the biggest prizes in the shows history but its most infamous cast members have returned and they haven’t seem to let past problems rest.

Here are the pairings and why they seem to live to hate one another (via MTV press release):

CT/Wes: Notable seasons: CT- “The Challenge: Battle of the Exes”/Wes- “The Challenge: Rivals I”

Wes and CT have hated each other for years, primarily because Wes always sees CT as a threat. These two power players make it their mission to get each other out of The Game. Wes also accused CT of dating Diem just for the show.
Paula/Emily: Notable seasons: Paula and Emily –“The Challenge: Battle of the Exes”
Paula hooked up with Emily’s ex on “Battle of the Exes,” which sets off a chain of events, involving Emily offensively imitating her ex and his involvement with Paula and ending with Emily taking Paula out of The Game in an elimination round.  Not to mention, the extremely athletic Emily would hate to be paired with the ball-of-nerves, emotional Paula.
Frank /Johnny: Notable seasons: Frank – “ The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons”/Johnny-“Challenge: Battle of the Exes”
Four-time Challenge Champion Johnny Bananas got into a huge twitter fight with Frank, claiming that rookie Frank’s win didn’t count since he didn’t have to compete against Johnny.
Trishelle /Sarah: Notable seasons: Trishelle – “The Real World: Las Vegas”/Sarah-“The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons”
Trishelle and Sarah became instant enemies on the last Challenge when Trishelle claimed that sweetheart Sarah was sleeping with her teammate Alton to manipulate team Vegas.
Leroy/Ty: Notable seasons: Leroy:-“The Challenge: Rivals I”/Ty-“The Challenge: Battle of the Exes”
After Ty gets Leroy’s partner sent home for violence and then sends Leroy home himself in an intense elimination battle, Leroy goes online to trash talk Ty.
Diem/Aneesa: Notable seasons: Diem and Aneesa-“The Challenge: Battle of the Exes”
On a Challenge, Aneesa promised her friend Diem that she would never put her up for elimination, but then went back on her word, surprising and hurting Diem and costing her The Game.
Knight/Preston: Notable seasons:  Knight and Preston -“The Real World: New Orleans”
The two clashed on their Real World season over sexual preferences and lifestyle, and their animosity only intensified when they were paired together on a challenge.
Camila/Jemmye: Notable seasons: Camila-“The Challenge: Battle of the Exes”/Jemmye-“The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons”
When former champion Camila claims that nobody around her on “Battle of the Seasons” is a true competitor, Jemmye gets enraged and the two hotheads engage in a vicious screaming match.
Robb/Derek: Notable seasons: Robb and Derek – “The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons”
Robb’s girlfriend gets into a fight with Derek, leading Robb to come to her rescue—ripping off his shirt and getting in Derek’s face.
Naomi/Cooke: Notable seasons: Naomi and Cooke- “The Real World: Las Vegas”
When New Girl Cooke joined “The Real World: Las Vegas”, Naomi felt that Cooke was trying to steal her man and the tension culminated when a pissed off Naomi woke up Cooke in the middle of the night to scream at her.
Jordan/Marlon: Notable seasons: Jordan and Marlon – “The Real World: Portland”
When Jordan got into a heated and racially-charged fight with one of his female cast mates on “The Real World: Portland,” Marlon was incredibly offended at the things Jordan did and said, and a fight erupted between the two. Marlon despises Jordan’s know-it-all personality.
Jonna/Nany: Notable seasons: Jonna-“/the Challenge: Battle of the Seasons”/Nany- “The Real World: Las Vegas”
When Jonna and Zach broke up after “Battle of the Seasons,” she felt that her former friend Jonna chose Zach’s side over hers.
Dunbar/Tyrie: Notable seasons: Dunbar and Tyrie -“The Challenge: Battle of the Exes”
Tyrie has never liked Dunbar, thinking he is an undeserving player in The Game. Dunbar was completely oblivious to the fact that Tyrie hated him and was on a vendetta to eliminate him.
Anastasia /Jessica: Notable seasons: Anastasia and Jessica- “The Real World: Portland”
On “The Real World: Portland,” Anastasia thought that Jessica was annoying, entitled, and immature and even coldly told Jessica, who only wanted her friendship,  that she simply does not like her and does not want to be her friend.
 Zach/Trey: Notable seasons: Zach and Trey – “The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons”
Zach claims Trey is full of shit and despises his personality. The two intensely hate each other and have even blocked each other on Twitter.
Jasmine/Theresa: Notable seasons: Jasmine- “The Challenge: Battle of the Exes”/Theresa-“The Challenge: Rivals I”
After Theresa kept forgetting Jasmine’s name, Jasmine and Theresa got into a shoving match that got Jasmine so angry she punched and shattered a mirror.

Holy crap is right.

What shocks me is that Anastasia from the most current edition of The Real World is a contestant and is shown during the epic trailer crying about how the whole experience is just too much. Clearly, she’s never watched previous seasons of this show. She’s swimming in a pool of sharks and there’s lots of blood in the water.

While I’m rooting for CT/Wes, their recent track record on this show doesn’t work in their favor and it doesn’t help that most of the cast probably hates their guts.

Who do you think will be able to put their past aggressions aside for a shot of the money and whole will let their beefs consume them?

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Watch them all come to blows when The Challenge: Rivals 2 premieres July 10 at 10 PM ET on MTV.


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